January Recap/February Resolutions

Happy first day of February! This week is my second week back to campus, and I’m still in an adjustment period.

January was the first month of my happiness/betterment project, and it was more challenging than I expected it to be. For reminder’s sake, my January resolutions were:

  • Intentional exercise for 30 minutes a day
  • Sleep at midnight
  • Get up at 7
  • 2 cups of coffee or less a day
  • Meditate before bed
  • Clean my space as I go.

Not all of these went well. As it turns out, changing your sleep schedule is excruciatingly difficult. I got very close to going to sleep at midnight, I was almost always in bed by 1, and I got very close to getting up at 7, within an hour or two again. But honestly, I really do not like sleep schedules. I understand that so many people say having a sturdy sleep schedule ensures a more healthy body and mind, but it makes me feel so antsy. I’m used to letting myself sleep when I’m tired and doing things when I’m not. When I have a set time to get in bed, I generally don’t fall asleep, and then I get frustrated and do things that need doing anyways. So I’m adjusting the go to bed/get up resolution to be sleep when you’re tired and get up in time to be productive. 

cups or less of coffee a day has gone much better than I expected it to. I was able to cut down my caffeine intake substantially, and now I only drink 2-3 cups of coffee (or caffeinated beverages in general) a day. I haven’t noticed a shift in my energy because of it, but my wallet is thanking me and so is my blood pressure.

The other three–intentional exercise, meditating, and cleaning–have all gone well as well. Some nights I haven’t meditated because I just want to fall into bed, and that’s okay. When we moved this month, I didn’t clean as I went because we were moving, and that’s okay. Maybe two days this month I didn’t get off my couch, and that’s okay. I’m not after perfection, just progress.

My energy levels have been decent in response to all of this. They aren’t enormously high, but I do feel like I can get through my day without napping and most of the time I can get out of bed when my first alarm goes off. Overall, I’m calling January a success!

Since February is here now, it’s time for a new focus. While I will be maintaining (or doing my best to) my January resolutions, this month is focusing on creativity.

I decided on creativity for February because I want to make sure I maintain the hobbies I love even while I work two jobs and take six classes. Creativity is something I love and feel passionate about in all forms, and I want to establish time for it before the semester gets incredibly busy.

My resolutions for this month are:

  • Paint with friends once a week
  • Practice calligraphy once a week
  • Write 2-4 times a week
  • Paint my room
  • Dance once a week
  • Find one new music group I love

Music, painting, calligraphy, dancing, and writing are all things I love. I decided to make these less stringent, more free-form so that I don’t have to everything everyday. My creativity needs room, so I’m giving myself some.

Expect more posts this month (I have to write something!), and I’ll update you about the resolutions at the end of it!



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