April Wrap-Up and May Goals

April is now over, and gratefully the sun is shining! Finally! It’s been a long, cold winter and I’m ready to sit in the sunshine for an unending amount of time.

April’s goals were focused around stopping my use of self-degrading humor. Surprisingly to me, I did pretty well with this! I wasn’t always perfect, I didn’t always stop using it, but if nothing else I became more aware of what I was saying. I told all of my friends and my treatment team about it, and they all commented on how I’d improved my language in the last month.

This was one of the hardest months for me, to be completely honest. I struggled with changing the language I use because it’s so deeply¬†ingrained. I do think, however, that when I was able to change my language, I felt better about myself. I felt more positive, less anxious/angry, and generally happier.

With April having been a decent success, it’s time to move onto May! I can’t believe May is here, to be completely honest. Final projects are due this week, my finals are next week, and I am¬†exhausted. Actually, I’m pretty sick right now because I haven’t gotten enough sleep (more on this in another post this week).

In-line with everything I just said, this month is focused on self-care. My goals are:

  • Shower every single day (which gets challenging when you don’t have a lot of free time)
  • Move my body once a day (shout-out back to the January goals! Also, I got a month pass to my favorite rock climbing gym last week!)
  • Do something social at least once a week
  • Do something I enjoy for myself once a day (as small as having my favorite tea)

When I was in residential treatment centers, they always expressed how important it is to practice self-care. I believed them, but I thought self-care was the “pretty activities” like taking a bath with bubbles or going shopping or something like that.

I’ve learned since then that self-care is simply a way to say “this activity is me looking out for myself.” So no, these aren’t necessarily “pretty activities” but they’re things I need to do to take care of myself, and that makes them self-care activities.

I’ll update on these at the end of the month!



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