May/June Wrap-up & July Goals

It’s been a while since I’ve written on here, life got a bit hectic! The end of my school semester and the immediate beginning of summer school, as well as a whole lot of doctor appointments took up a lot of time in my life for a minute. But I’m back!

So let’s do a quick wrap-up of my May and June goals and then we’ll set out July!

May was focused on self-care and I actually did really well with it. I was social, and made plans with friends. I moved my body and fell in love with rock climbing. I’ve gone on some fun new hiking trails. I was able to do one thing for myself a day.

June I decided to focus on getting comfortable being alone. That wasn’t on my original list of goals for this year, but as June approached I realized I was uncomfortable just being by myself. To me, being by myself is equated with being lonely, instead of just being able to attend to myself.

And June went well too! I was able to climb by myself multiple days. I took myself out to eat a few times all alone, which is something I never would have done when I was active in my eating disorder. I even took myself to see a movie one night because I wanted to see it! I enjoyed the time I set for myself to just be by myself, which is something I had to learn to get comfortable with. At first it was definitely uncomfortable, but now it just feels like a natural part of existence, something I can do if I want to. I needed to prove to myself that I could do it though, so I’m grateful I could alter my project and include that goal.

This month has the focus of spontaneity. Right now, I feel myself getting comfortable in my routine: school, work, exercise, sleep. I feel more comfortable inside a defined schedule, but I also want to be open to things that may not fit in that schedule. I’ve always struggled to find the balance between being spontaneous and being scheduled, so this month I’m going to explore that!

My goals for this month are:

  • Do a self-inventory before I say no to an opportunity
  • Intentionally say yes to one thing that isn’t in my schedule a week
  • Plan the day with free time involved so I can decide what to do with that free time

Honestly, it’s a little challenging to create goals around being spontaneous, but we’ll see how this goes! I hope you all have interesting July adventures as well!


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